About Volition

Volition Enterprises Inc., is a premiere Leadership, Executive Coaching, and Organizational Development Firm.

With 300+ years of combined consultant experience and proven service with leaders, teams, and professionals of large non-profit organizations, high growth small businesses, and Fortune 500 companies, Volition Enterprises, is a value added service partner worth choosing!

Volition Mission

We are committed to partnering with clients to advocate their win and manifest their vision! Simply, we focus on maximizing the growth opportunities of our clients through proven, customized, and results-driven coaching and organizational development methods.

The Volition Difference

At Volition, our Coaching and Team Solutions are committed to adding value through meaningful client experiences, measurable growth, focused goal achievement, and significant returns on client investments.

Volition Values

Our primary value is YOU! We value your Personal Choice to be Your Best; your Professional Choice to do Your Best; and your Leadership Choice to execute at Your Best!

You can Trust our Professional Coaches to be…

  • International Coaching Federation (ICF) Certified
  • Highly trained and advance degreed
  • Seasoned business professionals
  • Available for in-person (in most cases) and virtual coaching sessions
  • Experienced in leadership assessments (e.g., 360 Feedback)
  • Excellent communicators with effective interpersonal skills
  • Successful in championing significant goal achievement

You can Trust our Professional Coaches to be…

  • Highly trained and advance degreed
  • Master trainers and facilitators
  • Experts at leadership, team and organizational assessments
  • Proven and experienced in strategy design and implementation
  • Proven in team building, organizational transformation, and change management
  • Experts in process consultation and their specified areas of expertise

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